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The 24 hour toll-free number for customer service and technical support is:


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In response to increasing amounts of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM, C2i2 has installed filtering software on the Email server.

It is important to empty your trash regularly so that your email account doesn't fill up.


Buy The Book

cover How the Internet Works is an excellent reference for both novice and expert users of the Internet. May we suggest you consider acquiring such a reference to aid you as you use the resources of the Internet. Just click on the cover to the left.
We don't mean to suggest for a minute that you qualify as a "dummy." Yet, the Internet is so new, complex and rapidly changing we may all feel a little overwhelmed At times. Just click on the cover to the right. cover


This link takes you to the latest Microsoft personal Support Articles written to help you with Windows and Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Personal Support

To download and install the latest updates for your Windows-based computer, go to Windows Update. //www.windowsupdate.com


The answers to many technical support questions, in our experience, can be found in the manual or under the "Help" menu item of the software you are using, whether provided by C2I2 or downloaded from the net.

Much software, especially if downloaded from the Internet, comes with a README file. It is always a good idea to review these files before installing software, or when having problems.

Reference to these sources, in fact, can yield perhaps more detailed and complete information, often more quickly, than might be the case when asking a busy tech support representative.

After all, when using one of the above sources, you are just looking for the answer. You don't have to spend time explaining the question.

Another great source of answers are the many USENET News Groups devoted to the subject of the Internet.


Billing inquiries may be made 24 hours a day to Customer Service at 520-201-6731.

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