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Why is there a Set-Up Fee?

Will C2I2 bill me monthly?

How are we billed?

When are credit cards billed?

Does C2I2 have a local dial-up access?

Does C2I2 offer on-line registration?

What software does C2I2 have?

Does C2I2 have 800 service?

Does C2I2 offer Internet classes?

Can we design our own home page and put it on the server?

Why are there parenthesis around the balance owing on my Email bill?

What if I have questions about my bill?

Does C2I2 offer additional storage space?

Does C2I2 provide tech support?

Does C2I2 design web pages?

Can we change our password?

What is C2I2’s modem speed?

Can we get extra e-mail addresses?

Can I use CGI Scripts on my personal web page?

How do I import Netscape Bookmarks over to Internet Explorer?

Does C2I2 have local dial-up access? We sure do. See the full list of nationwide dial-up numbers.  We serve all states except Alaska and Iowa.


Does C2I2 offer on-line registration? No. we'd much rather meet with you in person. We have a full service sales office in Sierra Vista or call 520-201-6731 for sales help 24 hours a day.


What software does C2I2 have? None


Does C2I2 have 800 service? No


Will C2I2 bill me monthly? Indeed we do. Our payment terms require payment by check, money order or Visa, MC, or AMEX or Discover.  If you'd like, we can arrange to automatically charge your credit card. Advance payment for a year's service does get you a "baker's dozen" 13th month FREE. C2I2 cannot arrange to accept automatic checking account payments.

NOTE:  We bill by email or automatic credit/debit charge. Customers desiring a mailed invoice will be assessed an additional monthly charge of $2.


When are credit cards billed?

C2I2’s billing cycle is the 5th of each month. We can arrange to bill monthly, semi-annually or annually. Accounts signing on in the middle of the month will receive pro-rated billing for their first month of service.


How are we billed?

Our primary billing method is by Email. Email invoices go out during the first week of each month. We can also automatically charge your credit/debit card if you'd prefer.

A $2 per month surcharge applies for personal dial-up customers who desire billing through regular USPS mail.


Why are there parenthesis around the balance due on my Email invoice? For some reason your account has a credit on it. Perhaps you prepaid or overpaid on your account in an earlier month. Maybe we accidentally applied some other payment to your account.  In any case, the parenthesis indicate a credit, not a balance due.


What if I have questions about my bill? Whenever possible, please Email your billing questions to:

Please include your day time phone number so that we can call you if necessary. Just give us your name and C2I2 account number with a clear concise statement of the problem. We'll research the issue and get back with you, usually within one or two business days.


Does C2I2 provide tech support?

Technical Support

Most common technical questions are answered in the set-up software and documentation. Perhaps the best source of assistance is the "HELP" menu item located at the top of most screens in most programs.

Technical support is also provided free of charge via a toll free number. 1-800-444-8192.


Does C2I2 design WEB pages? We sure do! Full WEB site and graphics design and development as well as domain naming and hosting services are available. Take a look at our business service site at:



Can we make our own home page and put it on the server? You can indeed. See the "Your Own Home Page" section on this site.


Can we change our password? Yes. You can change your email password by logging onto our web based email site. Be sure to look at "Preferences." You'd be surprised at how much you can do with your Web-based Email!

Call our office to change your login password.


What is C2I2’s modem speed? Our points of presence (POP) in Sierra Vista, Casa Grande and Yuma are capable of handling any modem speed up to the limits of 56K circuits.


Are extra e-mail addresses available? Yes. Extra e-mail address are available for an extra $3 per month per e-mail. There is no set-up fee for an additional e-mail address.


Does C2I2 offer added storage space? Yes. Extra megs of storage are sold in blocks of 5 megs for dial-up customers. The cost of each additional 5 meg block is $3.00 per month per block.


Does C2I2 offer Internet Classes? Yes we do.  In fact, c2i2 offers hundreds of on-line classes on hundreds of topics including the Internet, computers and software. Take a look here for more info.


Can I use CGI Scripts on my personal web page? Sure. Personal users wishing  to run CGI scripts will need to create a cgi-bin directory within your public_html directory and make sure that the directory and CGI scripts are set with permission for the public to Execute.

Please Note: is unable to offer free technical support or instruction for personal web pages or scripts. We do not provide scripts for use on personal web pages. An excellent source of free scripts and information on their use can be found at Matt's Script Archive, or by searching Yahoo for CGI scripts. Assistance with web page design and/or scripting is available at the rate of $40 per hour by contacting Bart at


Why is there a set up fee? Most of the costs of setting up accounts is "Up Front" We have overhead expenses that are specifically related to setting up an account. If we charge them to you up front we are able to offer you a lower monthly rate. If we charged them as part of our monthly fee, you'd be paying your "set up" fee for as long as you had the account. Some providers do just that. They offer "free" hours but charge you more in the long run.

How do I import Netscape Bookmarks over to Internet Explorer?

All you have to do is click the File menu, and then click Import and Export. Now the Import/Export Wizard will appear on your screen. Click "Next" and the Wizard will give you a choice of importing or exporting Favorites, etc. The words "Import favorite" should be highlighted. If it is, click on "Next" again.

The next box you see should be set to automatically import the Bookmarks from Navigator If not, just use the "Browse" button to find them.

All you do now is hit "Next" to complete the operation.

Customer Referral Program

C2i2 will credit one month toward your c2i2 Internet service fees for referral of each new customer who signs up with There are a couple of requirements in order to get the credit. Here's how it works.

  1. You recommend c2i2 to a friend and give them your name or User ID, (login name) or c2i2 email address.

  2. Your friend signs up and gives your name, User ID or c2i2 email address to the sales agent at the time of sign up.

  3. Provided both you and the customer you referred are still in good standing (Payments up to date and still a c2i2 customer) after 2 months, we will credit one month toward your account the following billing cycle for each customer you  referred who signs up for service.

  4. You will also save your friends $10 because any new customer signing up under this program will have half the set-up fee of $20 waived (Applied as a $10 credit in the third month of paid service. See item 9.)

  5. If the new customer you refer pre-pays the first three months of service, you both get your credit right away!

  6. To protect privacy, should your referral not be a current customer in good standing at the time you expect a credit, we will only be able to tell you that the referral credit could not be processed.

  7. We cannot honor retroactive referrals nor deal with referral claims made after the time of sale. 

  8. Credit offer not available for former customers with an outstanding balance owed to c2i2 or who have been a c2i2 customer within the preceding 3 months.

  9. Credit cannot be combined with other set-up fee waivers or discounts for new customers. (If we didn't charge a set-up fee in the first place we can't give you the credit too.)

C2i2 really appreciates your business and your referral of our service to others. We reserve the right to modify or end this program at any time.

Get your friend to sign up on-line right now!


The C2I2 primary billing method is Email Invoice. On or about the 5th of each month C2I2 will Email an invoice to the Email address you specify at the time of sign-up (normally Automatic credit card billing is also available. Advanced payments required at sign-up include the set-up fee for the account type you purchase and the first month’s service fee. These advanced fees may be paid by cash, check, money order or credit card (Discover, VISA, MC or AMEX). 

It is important that you have a working Email account that you check at least monthly in order to avoid interruption of service. You must inform us at if you wish us to send your bill to an address other than your primary email address.


Monthly service fees are due and payable upon receipt.

Accounts which become more than 15 days past due are subject to service disablement, cancellation, and/or referral for collection at C2I2 option. may charge late payment fees and fees for reconnecting accounts disabled for non-payment. Please Email C2I2 billing at or if Email is not possible, call 520-201-6731 should special circumstances exist which may impact your ability to make timely payment on your account.


For the most efficient service on your billing questions, or to make changes to your billing method please EMAIL. Every effort is made to answer your Email within 24 hours.

Questions about your bill can also be handled by calling C2I2 Accounting at (520) 515-9322. Please expect to be asked for a call back phone number. We will get back to you as soon as we have researched the issue.

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