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I'm trying to send outgoing  messages via SMTP and it keeps getting rejected, what is going on?

Answer:  C2i2 requires all SMTP (outgoing) traffic to be authenticated. The Email software on your computer (client) may not be configured with authentication support. If not, simply access your account via POP. In other words, check your mail before trying to send mail you have created. This will authenticate your client for approximately 10 minutes, giving you enough time to send outgoing mail. This method is often called "Check before send". More Information on Authentication.

C2i2 offers USENET News from SuperNews. There are more groups, more messages and longer retention times compared to other services. Your News Reader should be set to

Those of you with personal web pages on should carefully review these instructions

Due to low demand and security and administrative management issues associated with "shell" accounts, we do not offer TELNET access to our servers. You will require File Transfer Protocol (FTP) in order to access and manage personal files and web pages. 

Additional information for TELNET users is available here.

Web-Based Email Service

C2i2 customers have the option to manage their individual Email accounts via their web browser (IE Explorer, Netscape, etc.) by going to:


We strongly urge you to use this at least one time in order to set your email preferences on the new server.  

Use your complete email login (including and password. 

You can set options to have your email forwarded to another address. You can use this web site to have your email checked at other email accounts when you check your c2i2 mail. You can even decide how you want your email to look. There is a very good help menu for email here also.

c2i2 users can manage Email with a regular email program provided your settings are correct. You can also check your c2i2 email from any Internet connection anywhere in the world using this Web Site. This is for the convenience for those of you who travel or need to access your personal email while at work or on vacation. No longer will you need to change settings or phone numbers to get your c2i2 mail while away from home. This web-based email service is easy to use and should also be a big help to those who prefer not to use a separate, often more complicated email program to manage email. 

We strongly urge you to use this at least one time in order to set your email preferences. //  

Telephone Tech Support is also available:




Double Click on My Computer. (Usually on the Desktop)
Select Dial-up Networking
Right Click on c2i2 icon
Select Properties
Enter the correct phone number
Uncheck Use area code...
Select Server Types
Select TCP/IP Settings
Select Server Assigned IP
Select Server Assigned Name Server Address

The DNS Numbers will gray out.  That is good.  These numbers are unnecessary. For those who want to use them they are:


Also, those of you using USENET News will need to make certain that you are using as your news server address. 

Please verify that your options/preferences or setup in your email software (Eudora, Pegasus, Outlook, etc.) is set to the following:

Incoming (pop3 server):
Outgoing (smtp server):

Don't know how to check Email settings?

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