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Personal Dial-up Accounts

Each Personal Account Includes:
300 hours nationwide dialup/month 
 5MB of Email Storage
Extra Email Accounts
Telephone Tech Support

Prior to placing your order please verify that the number you will dial in from is a local call from your dialing area. C2i2 is not responsible for long distance charges for Internet use under any circumstances

Accounts are billed in advance and are not prorated or refunded.

$19.95 per month-5 Email Accounts
1st Month Charge is due in advance

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Storage on the servers, including email, for any personal dial-up account is made available for personal use only. Customers taking advantage of the prepaid discounts who cancel early for any reason will not recieve a refund. Billing is by email. Those requiring a paper invoice on personal accounts will be charged $2 per billing cycle.

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Billing and Tech Support

C2I2 wants your experience on the Internet to be fun and enriching. We provide you with the software and free telephone technical support to achieve this. Because our subscribers have varying levels of computer skills and many very different hardware configurations, technical support needs vary greatly.

Please be aware that our sales and administrative staff are not equipped to handle technical support questions. Calling the sales offices will merely delay getting help with your questions as they are required to refer you to technical support.

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