C2i2.com Privacy Policy

C2i2.com's  privacy policy is based on ensuring our customers a completely private Internet access experience. 


  • does not collect data about its customers except what is needed to maintain and administer an account and handle the invoicing and payment procedures.

  • does not monitor customers' Internet behaviors.

  • does not keep copies of its customers' e-mail correspondence for its own use.

  • does not publish the list of its customers' names, nor will c2i2.com sell the same. Although, were c2i2.com ever be sold to or merged with another company, our customer list would likely be transferred as a part of such a business transaction.

  • never voluntarily releases information about its customers or about a single customer to anyone, unless required to do so by a properly served court order or subpoena.

  • takes all reasonable precaution to encrypt any customer-related data that is being electronically transferred.

  • does not store information on your computer or make use of "cookies."

Administrative Log information on a c2i2.com customer's individual accesses to our services are maintained for a period of about 30 days. These logs show the customer's User ID the time, date and what c2i2.com equipment (e.g. MODEM) the user accessed during a given session. We don't monitor what you do, just the c2i2.com network equipment you use. This information is used by us to administer and troubleshoot our network or provide technical support to our customers only.

C2i2.com does cooperate with properly issued subpoenas and court orders for administrative log information and personal data in our possession.

Businesses or individuals who post public web pages on c2i2.com's servers are solely responsible for the content of those sites and the privacy policies under which those businesses or individuals operate.

C2i2.com privacy policies do not apply to any other sites that a subscriber may access though the Internet. C2i2.com does not make available any billing or other customer information to other Web sites or businesses.

C2i2.com believes customer privacy is extremely important both to our success and your enjoyment of the Internet.

For additional information on Internet Privacy issues, we suggest you visit the Electronic Privacy Information Center at:  //www.epic.org/.

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